Jerry Gurney, 25, Yuba City, CA


How often do you skate? 

As often as I want to!

Does weed help your skateboarding?

Yeah, it gets me fired up to skate and sparks creativity in my brain!

How often do you use cannabis? 

Hittin that bong every day all day!

Indica, Sativa, Hybrid or CBD? 

All of the above. Sativa and/or hybrid to start the day, indica and CBD to end it!

What do you think about CBD and THC pain pills? 

They are badass alternatives to ibuprofen. My liver has been to hell and back, why destroy it more for no reason? The nuggy pills are a no brainer! Especially badass for after the session when its time to put the slippers and robe on. 

Name 3 bands we should listen to. 

Manilla Road, Traitors Gate, Heavy Load. 

How long have you been using marijuana? Do you use it medically or recreationally? 

Started smoking after high school and haven't stopped since! Medically and recreationally. Sparking the bong is one of my favorite hobbies as well as a great pain reliever. I'm no hippy, weed DOES help people. 

How long have you been skateboarding? 

Since I was nine so sixteen years. 

Do most skateboarders smoke weed? 

I don't know, most of my friends who skate do! We are in California though. 

What gets you pumped to skate? 

Loud rock, a beer, and a joint!

Who is your pick for "Stoner of the Year?"

My buddy D Webb, that greasy bastard breathes weed!