Jeremy Leabres, 23, Corona, CA


How often do you skate? 

I skate everyday.

Does weed help your skateboarding?

Depends on the situation. I like to smoke weed while I'm skating and I think it's fun to roll around stoned. But if I'm trying something scary or serious I'll wait to smoke till after I'm done.

How often do you use cannabis? 

All day everyday. Spliffs and the occasional blunt from Tim!

Indica, Sativa, Hybrid or CBD? 

I like smoking the hybrid during the day. Then hit the indica at night.

What do you think about CBD and THC pain pills? 

I love using CBD cream on my ankles before I go to sleep and in the morning. Makes my ankles nice and crispy. 

Name 3 bands we should listen to. 

Atomic Rooster, Groundhogs, Dr Octagon. 

How long have you been using marijuana? Do you use it medically or recreationally? 

I feel like I use it for a little of both. Definitely eases the pain after a long battle. But definitely smoking weed for fun as well, haha. 

How long have you been skateboarding? 

Started when I was 10, so 13 years now. 

Do most skateboarders smoke weed? 

I feel like a lot do. At least all the people I hang with, haha. 

What gets you pumped to go skate? 

Good tunes and good homies. Everyone just feeding off each other's energy is the best. 

Who is your pick for "Stoner of the Year?" 

Forrest Edwards