Forrest Edwards, 27, Riverside, CA

How often do you skate? 

I skate everyday, most days. 

Does weed help your skateboarding?

Weed helps me cancel out negative energy so I can focus on skating and having fun. 

How often do you use cannabis? 

I use cannabis everyday thanks to Devils Lettuce. I really like smoking before and after skating. 

Indica, Sativa, Hybrid or CBD? 

I like them all. Indica, Hybrid, Sativa. In that order. 

What do you think about CBD and THC pain pills? 

I think they are perfect for aches and pains. 

Name 3 bands we should listen to. 

Venom, Funkadelic, Salems Pot.  

How long have you been using marijuana? Do you use it medically or recreationally? 

I've been smoking for 10 years and I use it medically and recreationally. 

How long have you been skateboarding? 

17 years. 

Do most skateboarders smoke weed? 

Every skate with Devil's Lettuce smokes Lettuce. 

What gets you pumped to go skate? 

Good vibes, friends, and lettuce get me hyped to skate. 

Who is your pick for "Stoner of the Year?"

Chris Gregson