Chris Gregson, 27, Irvine, CA


How often do you skate? 

I try and skate a few times at least between juggling the filming and editing  

Does weed help your skateboarding?

Weed helps my skating if I'm sore and skating transitions, but if I try and scare myself at a spot I'm not usually trying to be stoned, but when you land it straight to twists!

How often do you use cannabis? 

I smoke everyday but only smoke spliffs aka tweeeeeests!

Indica, Sativa, Hybrid or CBD? 

I think Sativa is good for the morning, Hybrid is good for mid day while skating, and then Indica all night.

What do you think about CBD and THC pain pills? 

I think its cool to have a natural solution to being sore by using the CBD pain pills and muscle balm after or before skating

Name 3 bands we should listen to. 

Matakopas, Mindless Sinner, Tokyo Blade.

How long have you been using marijuana? Do you use it medically or recreationally? 

I've been smoking since I was 17 and use it for all its magical powers 

Do most skateboarders smoke weed? 

Most of them do since we live a pretty laid back lifestyle and get sore all the time and as far as not having to work a real job or get drug tested but for some people its just not their thing. 

What gets you pumped to go skate? 

Heavy Metal and skating an epic park or spot with all my homies. 

Who is your pick for "Stoner of the Year?"

Jerry Gurney Vs Forrest Edwards